NFL Sports Card Super Sleepers Under $50

Key stars across the NFL market are trending up as the season closes in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t snag some sleepers with potential.

With the NFL Preseason upon us, there are a number of players around the league getting lower levels of attention relative to their previous and projected output. This makes now an opportunistic time for collectors and traders alike to stock up on some of their favorite players that have lowered in pricing over the offseason. Let’s dive into some sleepers under $50.

1. Jerry Jeudy, Denver Broncos WR

The first player on our Super Sleeper list is Jerry Jeudy. Jeudy, despite a lackluster offensive showing from the Denver Broncos last season, was able to tally 67 catches and 972 yards as Denver’s premier receiver. With the addition of Sean Payton’s offensive expertise, and Russell Wilson expecting to have a strong bounce-back year, Jeudy is set to explode. Here’s a look at some of Jeudy’s affordable cards.

2020 Panini Instant Rated Rookie Retro PSA 10

Jeudy’s 2020 Panini Instant Rated Rookie Retro is down 25% over the last 30 days, making an already sleeper card even more desirable. With the most recent sale at just $15, flippers can get their hands on several of these in hopes of maximizing profits.

2020 Donruss Base PSA 10

His Donruss Base offers a high pop count of 238 meaning ease of entry, paired with a sell price of just $16.

2020 Optic Base PSA 10

This is a card that has seen consistent price fluctuation, and is currently down from a recent peak, meaning now could be a good time to go in on picking some up. This card comes in at $30 with upside to grow from a strong early season showing.

2020 Select Field Level Blue Die-Cut PSA 10

As one of the more unique cards here, Jeudy’s Select Field Level Blue Die-Cut offers traders exclusivity through a low pop count with potential for higher profits as the season begins. The card remains affordable, selling most recently for $31.

2020 Mosaic No Huddle

Our final selection for Jeudy is his 2020 Mosaic No Huddle. This card is one of the more aesthetically pleasing cards on this list, and while not trading often, has dropped exponentially in pricing over the last 365 days.

2. Isiah Pacheco, Kansas City Chiefs RB

The speedy back out of Kansas City posted very respectable numbers for the Chiefs despite a pass-heavy offense, averaging nearly 5 yards per carry and totaling 830 yards. With a depleted Chiefs receiving core, Pacheco’s usage in the pass game could increase while he remains the lead rushing option for the reigning Super Bowl Champions.

2022 Contenders Optic Blue Rookie Ticket /99 Raw

While not his auto variant, Pacheco’s 2022 Contenders Optic Blue Rookie Ticket is down 46% over the last 365 days, indicating most collectors are not as high on his second season being a breakout year for him as they were for his rookie debut. This fits our bill nicely, as the card most recently sold at a heavily discounted price of $25.

2022 Contenders Rookie of the Year Contenders PSA 10

Here’s another Contenders card with Pacheco’s 2022 Rookie of the Year in PSA 10. This card is trading for $37 and offers a relatively-low pop count of just 15.

2022 Prizm Base PSA 10

Trading at exactly $50, this option just barely sneaks into our list. With 21 trades in the last 365 days, this is one of Pacheco’s more liquid rookie cards over the last year, giving investors confidence that you’ll be able to sell when the time to list comes.

2022 Prizm Light Blue Raw

Pacheco’s Light Blue Prizm variant in raw is down 52% over the past 365 days, meaning now is the time to stock up. Trading at just $22, this card offers low front-end investment with high upside.

3. Jonathan Taylor, Colts RB

Jonathan Taylor’s roster uncertainty has resulted in a unique opportunity for those looking to make money flipping lower priced cards. While Taylor has requested a trade, the Colts have openly stated that they will not honor his request, for the time being. Pair this with an extremely disappointing 2022 season from the talented back, and you have a recipe for low card prices. Furthermore, if the Colts flip and do decide to move Taylor, buying now provides even greater profit potential, without Taylor needing to record a single carry.

2020 Contenders Rookie of the Year Contenders PSA 10

Selling at just $19, Taylor’s 2020 Contenders provides an extremely low barrier to entry. The card is also selling at what is currently nearly an all-time low. Look for the card to jump in the next couple months as Taylor is either moved or attempting to improve on a lackluster previous season.

2020 Select Premier Level Silver PSA 10

Taylor’s Premier Level Silver in PSA 10 is down 22% over the last 365 days, and is an affordable option for this interest in backing Taylor’s stock as the season approaches.

2020 Mosaic Base PSA 10

Third on our list for Jonathan Taylor is his 2020 Mosaic Base in PSA 10. This card is beginning to make a slight turnaround with potential to climb.

2020 Donruss Optic Preview – Holo

Taylor’s Optic Preview – Holo has been one of the least volatile Taylor PSA 10 cards in terms of pricing changes. With consistent pricing, buyers that are heavily focused on mitigating risk can look here for a strong option with high upside.

2020 Phoenix Fire Burst PSA 10

While this is not Taylor’s most desirable card, his Phoenix Fireburst in PSA 10 is down 55% over the last 365 days and provides too strong of a discount at just $22 to not consider when looking at budget=friendly flipping opportunities. Since we aren’t looking to hold for an extended period of time, look at the high pop count as a potential upside to acquisition. It has also traded 162 times in the last 365 days, providing high liquidity at low cost.

4. Breece Hall, New York Jets RB

With Breece Hall’s rookie season cut short from a torn ACL, we weren’t able to see him put together a large sample size. However, from what we can see, the Jets have added some serious talent in the skill position department. In just seven games the rookie back tallied 463 yards and four rushing touchdowns, as well as another 218 yards through the air. Adding Aaron Rodgers to the equation should help free up the run game even more, and if Hall can come into the season fully healthy we should expect continued production.

2022 Mosaic Base PSA 10

Hall’s Mosaic Base in PSA 10 is currently down 49% over the last 365 days, and is trading at just $21. As one of the most affordable options on our entire list, collectors can acquire several at a low cost.

2022 Donruss Base PSA 10

Hall’s Donruss Base in PSA 10 is selling at only $22, and is down 33% over the last 365 days. Likely due to Hall’s injury, a majority of his cards have traded at a low rate, and this card is no different. Moving just four times in the last 365 days, those purchasing for the discounted price need to take into account potential limited liquidity.

2022 Mosaic NFL Debut – Green PSA 10

This parallel card in PSA 10 provides low pricing and is near an all-time low. Traders interested can pick up Hall’s Mosaic NFL Debut at $22.

2022 Donruss The Elite Series Rookies PSA 10

Hall’s Elite Series Rookie’s in PSA 10 is down 59% over the last 365 days, and with a low pop count of just six, can add exclusivity and potentially higher growth opportunities for those willing to hold for a slightly longer time period. The card has sold most recently at $21.

2022 Prizm Red White Blue PSA 10

Hall’s 2022 Prizm Red White Blue is a great buying opportunity as it is one of few cards on this list that has already hit well over the $50 mark recently. The card traded for $80 on June 1, and was already down to $41 by June 24.

5. Jaylen Waddle, Miami Dolphins WR

While Waddle is certainly not a sleeper to fantasy owners and NFL fans, he still has a number of appealing cards for flippers looking to make some quick profits. Waddle accounted for 1,356 receiving yards last year, but with Tyreek Hill nearing 30, and Tua Tagovailoa healthy, the 24-year-old could look to have another standout season.

2021 Select Field Level PSA 10

Waddle’s Select Field Level in PSA 10 is down 25% over the last year, selling recently at $26. Compare this number to its $36 price point in November of 2022 and this card has room to grow.

2021 Optic The Elite Series Rookies PSA 10

This Elite Series Rookie Card in PSA 10 comes in at $43 and offers exclusivity through a low pop count of just 5.

2021 Optic Holo Variation PSA 10

Waddle’s 2021 Optic Holo in PSA 10 is down 15% over the last 365 days, and comes in at just $40.

2021 Mosaic NFL Debut – Reactive Blue PSA 10

This parallel offers rarity and a discounted price for a card that has dropped 22% over 365 days. Interested collectors can purchase at $40.

2021 Prizm Red White Blue PSA 10

Waddle’s Prizm Red White Blue in PSA 10 is down 26% in the last 365 days. For a young receiver with guaranteed usage and an outstanding 2022-2023 performance, this PSA 10 option brings low front-end cost with optimistic upside.

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