What’s Vintage Worth? A Look At Nonsports Cards Sales – July 2023

In July 2023, the vintage nonsports card market experienced significant transactions, showcasing cards that span over a century. From late 1800s historical figures to iconic 1990s characters, these cards offer an insightful glimpse into our cultural past.


  1. 1962 Mars Attack #30 – “Victims of the Bug”: Even though it garnered a single bid at $438, it’s likely to be an essential addition to someone’s set registry.
  2. 1888 N28 Allen and Ginter’s Colonel Cody: Recognized more popularly as “Buffalo Bill”, Cody was a prominent figure with several cards in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  3. 1916 Charlie Chaplin: This card, sold for $490 and graded at 8.5, is considered a steal by many. While it’s termed a “rookie card”, Chaplin has been featured on earlier cards too.
  4. Theodore Roosevelt 1898 Cabinet Card: Distributed during the Spanish-American War, this rare Roosevelt card stands out as it precedes his presidency that began after McKinley’s assassination.

Other Significant Sales:

  • The iconic 1997 Star Trek Auto Game Challenge Card.
  • A 1990 Marvel Universe Spider-Man card, which fetched $650.
  • A 1932 US Caramels Abraham Lincoln card, which, in its blue variant, was deemed a great buy at $695.
  • Cards from The Three Stooges, including the highest-selling card of the month – Curly, which sold for an impressive $6,505.

Rising Trends in Nonsports Vintage:

Cards depicting the Titanic have seen renewed interest, especially following the recent “Titan tragedy”. Interestingly, cards portraying Donald Trump have also surged in price, possibly because of the upcoming presidential election.

A Word on Modern Cards:

With a 1997 Star Trek card making the list, a pertinent question arises: What truly defines “vintage”? While sports cards have clear demarcations, nonsports cards’ vintage status often depends on their category.

Honorable Mentions:

Several notable cards narrowly missed making the top 30, including:

  • A 1935 Mickey Mouse card featuring both Walt Disney and Mickey.
  • A 1907 Tesla rookie card.
  • A 1972 Daily Express Led Zeppelin card, marking one of their earliest card representations.
  • A 1966 Spider-Man card which, due to its rarity, is often more coveted than its 1990s counterpart.

Lastly, Star Wars cards from 1977, distributed globally under brands like Opechi and Wonder Bread, have shown robust sales, pointing towards a lasting and universal appeal of the franchise.

Note: Future articles might also discuss autographed cards post their release, given the increasing interest in such collectibles. The community’s feedback on this aspect would be greatly appreciated.

July 2023 was a testament to the enduring appeal of vintage nonsports cards, reflecting diverse cultural milestones. With new cards entering the market and others steadily gaining value, it’s a dynamic and fascinating arena for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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