2023-24 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey Cards

2023-24 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey checklist, Exquisite set details, odds, buy box, release date, reviews. Boxes have 1 auto or diamond. 

Product Details

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2023-24 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey continues its high-end approach that offers a variety of diamonds, relics and autographs, along with a fresh batch of Exquisite Collection NHL cards.

Every six-card box averages one autograph or diamond relic.

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2023-24 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey Base / Parallels

The 2023-24 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey checklist starts with a 100-card base set. Each base card has 349 copies plus a few low-numbered base parallels.

There are also Base Diamond Relics cards, numbered to five copies, in either Single, Double, Triple or Quad versions, and the one-of-one Pure Black editions. Look for Base Auto (#’d) and Base Premium Relic (#’d) cards, as well.

2023-24 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey Base Breakdown

BaseBase – #/349Red – #/75Blue – #/25Green – #/10Gold – 1/1
Base Diamond RelicsBase – #/5Pure Black – 1/1

2023-24 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey Inserts / Tech

Among the inserts, there are many returning sets for 2023-24 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey, including Rookie Gems (#/399), which has Red (#/100) and Green (#/10) versions. Limited to 299 copies, the Diamond Legends, Diamond Stars and Diamond Futures inserts are back with Purple (#/49) parallels.

Fans can chase additional insert choices via Diamonation Rookies (#/99), Diamond Facet (1:10), Diamond Gallery (1:10), Diamond Might (#/99), and Run for the Cup (#/99).

2023-24 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey Diamond Relics

Sparkly gems remain a key part of the Black Diamond brand. Up first, Band of Color displays a rainbow of gems for veterans and rookies.

In addition, the popular Diamond Relic Rookies and Diamond Relic Rookies Retro Quad Diamond cards all check in with 99 copies. These come in tiered versions, with the most coveted names found as quad diamonds. Limited parallels include Ruby (#/49), Purple (#/25), Emerald (#/10) and Pure Black (1/1).

Autographs enter the mix in Gemography (#/25), Diamond Stars Purple Diamond Relic Auto (#/10), Diamond Legends Purple Diamond Relic Auto (#/10) and Diamond Futures Purple Diamond Relic Auto (#/10). Each set has a one-of-one Pure Black parallel, while Gemography supplies a few more choices.

2023-24 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey Diamond Relics Autographs Rundown

GemographyBase Auto – #/25Ruby – #/15Purple – #/10Emerald – #/5Pure Black – 1/1

2023-24 Upper Deck Black Diamond Autographs / Auto Relics

Still going, 2023-24 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey features non-memorabilia autographs in Diamond Stars Auto (#’d), Diamond Legends Auto (#’d) and Diamond Futures Auto (#’d).

Other signed cards arrive in Rookie Gems Signatures (#’d), with Red (#/10) and Green (#/5) versions, and Sparkling Scripts, for top veterans/legends (1:6) and rookies (1:10).

Glistening Graphs (1:40) is new, adding a rare Spectrum (#’d) parallel.

Those wanting the auto-relic pairings have Auto Rookie Team Logo Jumbo Patch (#/99 or less), Cup Winners Patches Gold Auto (#’d), Diamond Debut Auto Patch (#/49 or #/25), Diamond Futures Premium Relic Auto (#/25), Diamond Legends Premium Relic Auto (#’d), and Diamond Stars Premium Relic Auto (#’d).

The Jewels of the Draft and Veteran Jewels of the Draft cards make an appearance, adding the all-new Pure Black (1/1) parallel.

Another debut is Rangers Retired Numbers Patches Gold Auto (#’d to jersey number).

2023-24 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey Memorabilia

Working in the commemorative memorabilia for 2023-24 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey, the new Rangers Retired Numbers Patches (#/99) cards pay respect to the retired number banners in the rafters with a manufactured patch.

Team Logo Jumbo Patches (#/99 or less) features 45 players with nine each from the 2023 All-Star Game, Carolina Hurricanes, Detroit Red Wings, Nashville Predators, and Ottawa Senators. These are embroidered manufactured logo patch cards that can be combined like a puzzle for display purposes in a nine-card sheet.

Young talent is saved for the Rookie Team Logo Jumbo Patches line.

2023-24 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey Relic Rundown

Rangers Retired Numbers PatchesBase – #/99Gold – #/Jersey #

Rookie Team Logo Jumbo Patches

Base – 1:3Retro Logo – 1:10

Team Logo JumbosBase – 1:5Retro Logo – 1:15Gold Full Team Logo – #/15Gold Full Team Alt Logo – #/5Gold NHL Shield Logo – 1/1

Relic card fans also have Cup Winners Patches (1:12), Diamond Debut Relics (1:4), Diamond Mine Relics (1:4), Diamond Mine Dual Relics (1:10), Diamond Mine Triple Relics (1:20) cards.

2023-24 Exquisite Collection Hockey Part 1

Acting as the final part of 2023-24 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey, boxes contain one 2023-24 Exquisite Collection Hockey card.

Limited inserts are numbered to 399 (or less), including several rookie sets.

2023-24 Exquisite Collection Hockey Insert Rundown

Exquisite Rookies/VeteransBase – #/399Gold – #/99Gold Spectrum – #/25

Exquisite Rookie Draft Day

Base – #/349Gold – #/75Gold Spectrum – #/Draft Position

Exquisite TandemsBase – #/299Gold – #/99Silver Spectrum – #/25Gold Spectrum – #/5

2009-10 Retro Rookies/Stars

Base – #/299Gold – #/99Gold Spectrum – #/25

Exquisite memorabilia is also in play, highlighting a selection of NHL stars.

2023-24 Exquisite Collection Hockey Relic Rundown

Exquisite Rookies PatchBase – #/99Gold – #/25Gold Spectrum – 1/1

Exquisite Rookie Jumbo Materials

Base – #/10Gold – #/5Gold Spectrum – 1/1

Exquisite Veteran Materials

Base – #’dGold – #/10Gold Spectrum – #/5

Extra Exquisite Jersey RookiesBase – #/349Silver Spectrum – #/10Gold – #/10Gold Spectrum – 1/1

Extra Exquisite Jersey Vets/Legends

Base – #’dGold – #/3Silver Spectrum – 1/1Gold Spectrum – 1/1

Estimated Release Date: TBA 2023Product Configuration: 6 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 10 boxes per case (2 inners)

2023-24 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey Box Break Average

1 Autograph or Non-Auto Diamond Relic1 Base Card or Base Parallel1 Exquisite Collection Card3 Additional Cards (Regular Insert, Tech and/or Non-Auto/Exquisite Collection Memorabilia)

Card Gallery:

These are mock-up images and not final cards. Designs and contents are subject to change. 

Set Checklist

2023-24 Upper Deck Black Diamond HockeyChecklist

The checklist will be added as soon as it is available.

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