Top Victor Wembanyama Cards Ahead of His Rookie Cards

Collect the best Victor Wembanyama cards and autographs ahead of his official NBA rookie cards with a look at his top cards available now. 


The most-hyped NBA rookie since LeBron James, Victor Wembanyama has the attention of many collectors. While the pack-pulled, NBA-licensed Victor Wembanyama rookie cards aren’t quite here, there are still some cards available for fans to grab.

Considered a generational talent by many experts, the lanky seven-footer can seemingly do it all. As a result, he has collectors salivating about his potential greatness.

The French star honed his skills with several pro teams before making the jump to the NBA where he was the first-overall pick by the San Antonio Spurs in the 2023 draft.

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There should be no shortage of licensed Victor Wembanyama rookie cards, but it might take some time for the supply to catch up to the demand. Panini, the current holder of the NBA card exclusive, has not announced when the first 2023-24 basketball cards will arrive.

Until then, there are a few different cards of note covered in the guide below.

Bolded sets go directly to detailed product profiles and checklists. Shop for cards or check completed values using the eBay links.

2023 Sports Illustrated for Kids Victor Wembanyama #1053

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Hardly a secret, Sports Illustrated for Kids has emerged as a viable spot to find early cards for young talent, especially international stars and sports where card sets aren’t issued as consistently. In the case of Victor Wembanyama, this 2023 card jumped ahead of his NBA career by featuring him with Metropolitans 92.

The card comes in a perforated sheet issued in the magazine. However, the perforated edges can make it difficult to extract the card without causing damage.

Fans can still find intact magazines with relative ease. If Gritty on the cover does not make it obvious enough to identify, the card is in the January/February 2023 edition (Vol. 35 No. 1).

The early Wembanyama card is on a full sheet where he shares space with eight other players.

2023 Slam Deck Team France Victor Wembanyama

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The 2023 Slam Deck Team France set is home to another non-traditional Victor Wembanyama card. Part of the Equipes de France card game, the rounded card might not appeal to everyone. But it’s a distinct early card given that the rest are for Metropolitans 92.

2022-23 Bowman University Inception Autographs Victor Wembanyama #BIA-VW (Redemption)

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If you prefer standard releases, the multi-sport 2022-23 Bowman University Inception Multi-Sport product might interest you. The basketball/football set has his first card from Topps and Wembanyama is only in the autograph lineup.

The card is issued as a redemption but the mockup image shows what the colorful card looks like.

2022-23 Bowman University Chrome Victor Wembanyama #101 SP

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2022-23 Bowman University Chrome Basketball came a few weeks later, packing a base card and an autograph (redemption).

This early Victor Wembanyama card carries the popular “1st Bowman” designation. It’s also part of the Base Extended Set (#101), making it a short print, and there are no parallels.

Despite being another redemption, the autograph is hard-signed. In fact, the Fanatics CEO (Michael Rubin) Tweeted out an image of the first card that Wembanyama autographed.

2022-23 Bowman University Best Victor Wembanyama #51

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Not too long after Bowman U Chrome, the first standard base card for Wemby was released in 2022-23 Bowman University Best Basketball. Refractor parallels naturally give the card a little more pop.

The sticker autograph cards are also live in the product.

2023 Topps Now Victor Wembanyama #472 Jersey Relic #/499

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Even MLB fans can get in on the Wemby mania. 2023 Topps Now Baseball celebrates the phenom’s first pitch for the Yankees with a base card (PR=48,654) for $9.99 and an event-worn jersey relic card (#/499 or less) for $199.99. Shipping for the relic card takes place 16-20 weeks after June 22.

The massive print run will likely keep values in check for the base card, but the relic could see some lasting demand, especially the limited parallels.

2023 Topps Now Autographs Victor Wembanyama #D-1 #/199

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Another Topps Now offering of note came in the 2023 Topps Now Basketball set dedicated to the draft. The base card is joined by an on-card autograph. Showing Wembanyama on draft night, the hard-signed cards were sold via “Dutch Auction” pricing that opened at $4,000 and ended before reaching $1,000.

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