From Courtrooms to Card Shows – Real Talk with Special Guest Cage Lawyer – Slab Business – Episode 4

In this episode of Slab Business, Tim, Cage, and Corey dive into a candid and real conversation with a special guest, Cage Lawyer, about their experiences navigating the world of collecting trading cards, from courtrooms to card shows. The hosts share insights on building genuine connections within the hobby community, the levels of celebrity within the industry, and the challenges they have faced along the way.

Starting off the episode, Cage Lawyer recounts a heartwarming story about their child’s love for showcasing their card pack on Instagram. The speaker explains how they were able to reach out to someone their child admires on YouTube, which brought immense joy to their little one’s hobby journey.

Throughout the conversation, Tim and Cage express their beliefs in treating everyone in the hobby community as equals, regardless of their success or income. They encourage listeners not to feel intimidated by others and highlight the importance of attending hobby shows as an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and make valuable connections.

The hosts delve into the notion of celebrity status within the industry, mentioning prominent figures such as Michael Jordan and Gary Vee, who are idolized by many in the hobby community. They also mention Tim’s own recognition within the industry, evidenced by being recognized when he wears a specific hat.

However, the hosts also address the challenges that come with being in the spotlight. Tim shares his rare experience of having his tattoos airbrushed out on a Tops baseball card, which is considered a significant achievement. Surprisingly, Tim faced backlash for this decision, highlighting the negative side of being a celebrity in the hobby community.

Cage Lawyer also addresses rumors surrounding their own success, mentioning how some have claimed that Jeff Wilson paid for them to appear on a card. However, the speaker emphasizes their hard work and the support of the podcast’s team, Corey and themselves, debunking the assumptions made by others.

The conversation takes a philosophical turn as the hosts recount a personal story shared by Cage Lawyer about building a sandcastle with their son, only to have it quickly destroyed by another person. The hosts use this analogy to explore the concept of tearing others down versus building something up, and how people often overlook the effort and dedication required to create something meaningful.

Building upon this analogy, the hosts stress the importance of building a loyal following organically, rather than resorting to buying followers, in order to create something resilient against negative influences.

They acknowledge that some people in the hobby community can be unreasonably negative and self-privileged. They attribute this attitude to various factors, such as the impact of COVID-19 and the unrealistic expectations fueled by the sudden rise of bitcoin. While the hosts are unsure of how to address this issue directly, they express their commitment to not wasting time and energy on trying to change negative individuals.

Cage Lawyer expresses their disbelief at why anyone would purposely drag someone down or choose to be negative towards them. They reflect on the idea that negative people will ultimately drive themselves crazy chasing unattainable goals, likening it to Batman’s relentless pursuit of the Joker in “The Dark Knight.”Throughout the episode, Cage Lawyer shares personal anecdotes and insights, shedding light on their journey in the hobby community. They recount joining Instagram at the age of 47 and being introduced to a group that included prominent individuals like Card Collector Two, Slab stocks guys, Sasha T, Mealy Pops, Lou Tyler, and more. Their engaging stories and unique perspective eventually led to the suggestion of starting a podcast, even though they initially had no idea what a podcast was.

Tim and Cage position themselves as innovators within their hobby space, emphasizing their disregard for others’ opinions as long as they know they have not done anything wrong. They discuss the growing demand for their podcast, their passion for creating authentic content, and their belief that there is still room for growth in the hobby podcast space.

The hosts even touch on their experiences during vacations, where they enjoy recording episodes and engaging with listeners. Cage Lawyer specifically mentions the pleasure of taking their phone out on rainy days from a Disney World balcony to connect with their audience.

They also address their pursuit of sponsorships and the desire to work with partners who will genuinely take care of their loyal audience. Rather than focusing on hype and potentially misleading claims, the hosts prioritize providing accurate information about hobby shows and shedding light on aspects of the hobby that are often overlooked.

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