The Business Side of The Hobby – Slab Business – Episode 1

In our latest episode, “The Business Side of The Hobby,” Corey and Tim delve into the fascinating world of sports cards and collectibles. From discussing the influence of major players like Fanatics to the controversies surrounding PWCC, this episode offers valuable insights into the ever-evolving collectibles market. Athletes and Unique Collectibles: One interesting aspect discussed in the podcast is how athletes are motivated to create unique and valuable sports cards. Corey and Tim were particularly impressed by an athlete who signed his card as “eBay 1 of 1.” This shows how athletes are actively engaging with the collectibles market, making their cards even more sought-after by fans and collectors alike.

Fanatics and Marketing Authenticity:

Fanatics, an influential player in the industry, is mentioned for their interest in showcasing the hobby and marketing it genuinely. The hosts express their optimism, believing that Fanatics understands the hobby and has the potential to excite collectors even more. Although some car shop owners raise concerns about Fanatics’ dominance in the market, Corey and Tim observe a different perspective, suggesting that Fanatics’ involvement may bring positive changes rather than stifling competition.

The Ruben Party Experience:

Another intriguing discussion in the episode revolves around a personal experience shared by someone known to the speakers. This person attended a Ruben Party and was fortunate enough to encounter famous personalities like Shaq, Travis Scott, and Jay Z. The event left a lasting impression, as the attendee felt grateful for the invitation due to their involvement in the sports card community. This anecdote underscores the exciting opportunities and unique experiences that can arise from being part of the hobby.

PWCC and Managing Layoffs:

The podcast also delves into the controversial topic of PwCC’s handling of layoffs at the top level. The hosts acknowledge that layoffs can sometimes be necessary, but the way PwCC did it created negative reactions from employees and observers. It is suggested that a different approach may have prevented the need for PwCC to be purchased.

Beckett Cards and the Evolution of Slabs:

Changes made to the design of Beckett cards are mentioned, particularly the removal of the bubblegum wrapper label. Opinions vary within the hobby, with some collectors disliking the changes and wishing for the return of the old design. The podcast hosts express their own mixed feelings about the new slabs, ultimately emphasizing the importance of prioritizing the quality of the cards themselves.

Navigating the Collectibles Market:

Corey and Tim touch upon various aspects of the collectibles market, including the need for individuals to recoup their investments. They remark on the resilience of those who continue to succeed in the industry, noting that during uncertain times, it becomes clear who can adapt and thrive. While changes and uncertainties persist, the speakers acknowledge that a market is being built around distressed companies, creating intriguing opportunities for collectors.


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